About Us

WackyView started off as a folder full of small videos consisting of mainly humorous videos on a computer network.

WackyView is now considered an essential and vital platform for sharing and watching videos of the "wacky" genre (funny/weird) with YouTube and Facebook ever increasingly deleting and banning pages that it deems "not community friendly" which can mean anything at their discretion, often a harmful video of a prank someone plays on someone is removed because one of the platforms decides it maybe harmful despite it clearly not being, so WackyView is important in keeping this genre open.

A while ago before YouTube and a lot of the other video dedicated sites, most videos were shared and sent via email (yes there were a few video sites too before YouTube and the rest). The problem with email accounts in the "old days" most like Hotmail and Yahoo were restricted to 100MB or less of email attachments/storage space. So as the videos got shared/sent you had to delete the email because the video attachments started taking up a lot of space. So I decided to download them and started a group on the network that could share the videos and they would always be there, rather than having to delete a video from your email inbox which wasn't practical if you wanted to watch it again at a later date.

We also made a number of funny & prank videos that we would upload to the network folder to be shared.

People started making their own videos and it all started to grow, and as time moved on so too did the video size and quality, so a website that we could just post the videos too for everyone to watch became a more feasible approach. But being as "slack" as we are it took a few years to actually do a proper site. A few incarnations of the site appeared but were mostly on free hosting websites that came and gone, so in the end WackyView.com became the permanent home.